“You look very holy”

Please tell me I’m not the only victim of weird or backhanded “compliments”. I’ve had them happen to me frequently and can’t decide if it is just a basic human error or if I just mix up my style and people don’t know how to properly respond or comment about it (even when it’s definitely not needed). I wore this outfit to work today and was told I look “holy” while the commentators hands were held in a prayer position. Let me be very clear– there is nothing wrong or embarrassing about religion, faith, and/or modesty! But this comment was just that- a comment about my appearance without being a compliment. How do you respond to statements like this?? I responded with a deadpan face and said “that’s not a compliment” and it actually made me feel better than when I awkwardly ask “thank you I guess???”

tank and skirt: H&M. flats: Old Navy.


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