10 Items you need for Fall

With Fall approaching, it becomes so easy to lust after every sweater you come across. I wanted to share a list of ten items I think are necessary in investing in for the upcoming season– with all of these items together you can assemble an infinite number of outfits!
10 Fall Necessities
  1. Black Jeans- Jeans look great with any top or sweater! I have been on the hunt of a pair of really, really great black jeans for a while so I would love to hear any recommendations. I firmly believe leggings are not pants and therefore everyone should invest in one pair of black jeans- denim is so much thicker and warmer than cotton leggings and truly looks nicer with any outfit. A nice skinny pair look great with any oversized sweater or jacket while a high waisted flared pair would be perfect when paired with a crop top or turtleneck tucked in.
  2. Ankle Boots- Ankle boots are available at pretty much any clothing store, making it easy to find both an affordable and a cute pair. I prefer a pair with a small heel (about 2 or 3 inches) because they lengthen my legs and tend to give a dressier feel to outfits. Short boots look great with both dresses and pants making them very versatile.
  3. Cozy Circle Scarf- The scarves I look for each year are thickly knit in neutral colors and long enough to circle around my neck twice. I prefer a longer length so I can either wear the scarf short or longer for a more dramatic look. Scarves are great for accessorizing an outfit and staying warm!
  4. Oversized Sweater/Cardigan- What is it about oversized sweaters that make them so comfortable? Add a long cardigan with a tank, black jeans, ankle boots and circle scarf and you have a perfect fall outfit!
  5. Tights- I’m a huge fan of tights; they really enable dresses to be worn year round so your wardrobe doesn’t have to shrink to only pants in cooler months. Tights are so much more flattering than leggings because they do not stop at the ankles so your leg lengthens and your outfit doesn’t look choppy. Wool and fleece lined tights are my favorite, I always buy mine from H&M.
  6. Denim Jacket- This one doesn’t even need an explanation– denim jackets are PERFECT for Fall!
  7. Hats- Beanies, bowlers, wide brimmed hats- you really can’t go wrong by accessorizing with a great hat.
  8. Oxblood or Black Nail Polish- There is something about darker nail colors that make me feel really cool and ready for Fall. Dark nails definitely add an edge and cool girl factor to any outfit.
  9. Flannel- Flannel shirts are so versatile, you can wear them countless ways: under a sweater, tied around the waist, unbuttoned over a dress, or tucked into high waisted pants. The really convenient thing about flannels is how easy you can find an affordable one! Thrift stores are always stocked with plaid shirts.
  10. Basic Tanks and T-Shirts- Spending money on focal pieces is fun, but sometimes it is necessary to make sure the basics in your wardrobe are still in good condition. Sometimes the simplest outfit can look incredibly chic; especially if your basics aren’t pilled or washed out.

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