Swan Lake

Swan Lake

My husband surprised me with tickets to see New York City Ballet’s Swan Lake for our two year wedding anniversary. I’ve had an obsession with ballet since I started dancing; there is something so beautiful and graceful about ballet you never see anywhere else– this night was truly a dream come true.

Swan Lake

These pictures aren’t the best quality because I was using my iPhone, I wanted to document everything but I also didn’t want to lug a big camera around all day.


Since we live about an hour away from New York City my husband and I really wanted to spend the day running around, looking at art galleries, and taking advantage of the day. I had wanted to dress up a lot more but also wanted to be comfortable all day since I knew I would be walking for most of the day (hence the flats) so I started to get self conscious walking up to Lincoln Center. However there was such a huge difference between how formal people were dressed– I saw a lot of denim and a lot of cocktail dresses which made me feel at ease.


The theatre was so beautiful, but nothing compared to the dancing- I couldn’t take my eyes away from the stage. I can’t wait to go back and may have already looked up tickets for the Nutcracker.


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