Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide


I have mixed feelings on Valentine’s Day; I’m really not a fan of all the cheesy romantic gimmicks but I love all the shades of pinks and thoughtfulness of getting something small for a loved one. Constantly on a budget, I have a hard time trying to find a nice gift with an affordable price pricetag. The items featured above are, in my opinion, great affordable gifts (with a few splurges added) many would love to be given.
Under $25
Art print $20– I’m in love with this print and think it’s absolutely adorable. This print is great on its own but would be so nice when given in a frame.
Beret $10– This hat is super affordable and the perfect pop to any outfit! I love thoughtful small gifts like a hat or glove that match a coat I own.
NYX matte lipstick $6– I love this brand because it’s so affordable and still looks expensive. Can you imagine opening a box to find your favorite brand of lipstick in a color you don’t have? Although under $10 I think this could be a very thoughtful gift!
Lush bath bomb $6– These bath bombs are so amazing!! Any time I go to Lush I always pick up a few to have on had for personal use and gifts. This heart shaped one is perfect for the holiday.
Love potion mug $24– A good mug can’t be beat. I have a cabinet full of coffee mugs but always love getting a new one!
A pug’s guide to dating $18– A silly book guaranteed to make you smile
Over $25
Sheer bra $35– Although receiving lingerie can be viewed as self serving from the gift giver, this lace bra is so pretty!
Betsey Johnson purse $75– How adorable is this purse? This would add a cute pop to any outfit
Lomography Diana mini camera $109– Point and shoot film cameras are so easy to use with a huge payoff when the film is developed. This would be such a great gift because a couple can learn how to operate the camera then fill rolls of film with photos of adventures together.
Coordinate rings $35– These can be personalized to the place you met or any other important landmark!
Jeffrey Campbell heels $160– Are you kidding me with these pumps?? I really don’t wear heels frequently but I love Jeffrey Campbell and these shoes are so beautiful.

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