15 Spring Must Haves

Spring Necessities


Okay, okay, so buying fifteen items for one season is a little crazy but a lot of these items have been trendy for a while or could be incorporated in your wardrobe for several different seasons; making some of these items investment pieces.
  1. A neutral colored trench coat- this can be worn in Spring, Summer and Autumn making it a great investment!
  2. Pointed flats- flats are so comfortable and a pointed toe looks dressier and more mature than a rounded one
  3. Boyfriend or mom style denim- these look great paired with a feminine blouse
  4. Clogs- I love Swedish Hasbeens but Old Navy normally comes out with an affordable pair every year
  5. A lavender candle- lavender helps reduce anxiety and smells great for Spring
  6. Sleeveless turtleneck- perfect for layering or wearing on its own
  7. Suede boots- suede holds up really well when it isn’t being worn in Winter slush
  8. Novelty printed blouse or sweater- style should be fun!
  9. A flirty dress- perfect for Easter, brunches, and any sunny day
  10. White canvas sneakers- I buy a cheap pair every year for spring and summer because they are easy to throw on and look good with jeans, skirts, and shorts
  11. A pastel jacket or lightweight coat- Spring is still cold but a pastel can help with cold weather frustrations
  12. Flowers- groundbreaking, I know but flowers do help bring Spring inside!
  13. Sheer patterned socks- wear them with boots, sandals, or flats to add a girly edge to any outfit
  14. High waisted flares- trust me, flares are back in a huge way. Make sure the waist is higher so the flared legs don’t shorten your body
  15. A Postmark account- any app or website selling used clothing is a great way to Spring clean and make money!

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