Thrifted Threads


I went to Goodwill on President’s Day and found some really great deals! Usually I’m skeptical about my local Goodwill because I find it overpriced for the available merchandise; however they were having 50% off blue tags and 35% off the rest of the store. I can’t wait to share everything I found but I wanted to start with my favorite find, this amazing swan sweater which I purchased for only $2.74 ($5.29 before any discount)


The second I saw this sweater I grabbed it up, the swan is such a cool feature I knew I could definitely work this item into my wardrobe. When I tried it on (when thrifting try everything on!!)  I realized it had huge 80’s shoulder pads and was pretty oversized but I still thought I could work with the sweater to make it a little more modern.



I cut out the shoulder pads and rolled the sleeves for a cropped look. I styled the item very simply because– 1. It was my day off and 2. the swan is such a focal piece I didn’t want to detract from the sweater. Black skinny jeans, a topknot, and flats made this such a comfortable and casual outfit. I can’t wait to wear this sweater again!



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