Five Steps to Improve your Complexion

  In high school I never had an issue with acne or breakouts, I naively thought I just had good skin. Then college hit. My freshman year I started breaking out and didn’t know how to deal with it, I tried so many different over the counter products but nothing seemed to provide any long lasting results. I was determined to gain clear skin but not desperate enough for acutane or rich enough to go to a dermatologist. Again, I assumed time would cure all and again I couldn’t have been more wrong. My breakouts continued throughout college, my wedding, and my first year of marriage. 

I’ve had self confidence issues since my early teenage years and my complexion did nothing to boost my self image. I felt as though everyone was staring at my breakouts instead of looking me in the eyes. Looking at my “before” image brings back all of those negative feelings and makes me remember how difficult it can be to have acne in my twenties. I still have small breakouts, but using these five steps they’ve become few and far between and my complexion and improved, in my opinion, dramatically. 
1. Drink water
This is so important!! I used to be really bad about not drinking enough water; there were days I only drank coffee and diet coke (horrifying I know). Now, I drink two glasses of water when I wake up every day and really limit my soda intake to one or two cans per week.

2. Moisturize

When you have an oily face you shouldn’t add more moisture right? Totally wrong! I used to cake on Clearasil, Proactiv and any other “miracle worker” I could find without moisturizing which constantly made my face dry and therefore produce more oil. Now, I use a cotton round to apply almond oil every night and my complexion had improved so much! Almond oil is really great because you can use it as a natural make up remover as well and we all know how important it is to go to bed with a makeup free face. 

3. Toner water and tea tree oil

I swear by a nightly face care routine and these two are a huge part of it. I use Lush tea tree water to keep breakouts under control and also will use tea tree oil for a spot treatment when necessary. Actually, my face wash has tea tree oil in it as well– tea tree oil works!!

4. Hands off your face 

This has been the most difficult thing for me to overcome. If there is something on my face I will constantly touch it; I get really self conscious and try to make it disappear but it’s actually making it more noticeable. For the past two years I have actively been keeping my hands off my face and I’ve seen such a huge improvement! 

5.Use speakerphone or headphones when talking on the phone

I kept noticing I was breaking out in a diagonal line on my cheek and couldn’t figure out why I kept having flare ups. Finally I realized I held the phone up to my ear on the right side, exactly where I was having issues. Whenever I’m not in public I use speakerphone now and have had significantly less breakouts on my cheeks. 


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