Seven Fashion Mistakes I made in High School

I really went for it as far as style choices in high school go, so I was embarrassed and excited to write this post. However, I soon realized by looking through old photos I really didn’t have that many photos of myself; I was always the one hiding behind the camera. However I found enough group photos that I would be able to crop around others to show what fashion crimes I committed.

fmimihs3fmimihs3 3.jpeg

  1. What is this blonde hair?? Why would I do this to myself? I honestly blocked this hair choice out and didn’t remember I bleached a flop of hair until I saw these photos. Better yet, on top of having stupid hair the summer before my Junior year, when I tried to dye my hair back to a normal color the bleach showed through so I had a brassy chunk of hair for several months including in my homecoming photos.
  2. Let’s talk about all around the eye black eyeliner– this is a mistake so many girls make when they don’t know how to apply makeup. To be fair to me, youtube is not what it is now with thousands of makeup tutorials and I grew up in the midwest where this sort of look was the norm. However my eyes look so small and beady!!
  3. Those damn soffee shorts. My mom always instilled in me to not wear pajamas in public but clearly I was a rule breaker in high school. This is possibly the least flattering outfit I could have possibly chosen– plastic sandals, a spaghetti strap tight in all the wrong places tank, and cloth shorts. It seriously looks like I rolled out of bed (which actually I probably did). fmimihs1
  4. Back at it again with the black eyeliner and pencil thin eyebrows.
  5. Graphic printed t shirts– I had a closet full of these. In general, there is little wrong with a graphic shirt; however, my closet was stock full with shirts that had no meaning, weren’t interesting, and an excuse for me to wear jeans a a t shirt every day. fmimihs3 1
  6. so this dress isn’t bad, it’s actually kind of cute right? But then dun dun dun!! WHAT is that huge white purse?! Why does a 17 year old need a diaper bag? What could I have possibly needed to carry around with me that would justify a purse this size? I had several huge purses at this age and have no idea why I needed them. Oversized bags like this just take away from my cute outfit and probably killed my back. fmimihs2
  7. And lastly, my scene kid hair. My brother best summed up my high school style by saying I was “somewhere in the middle of a rockstar and a hippie”. Similarly to most teenagers, I had a lot of cognitive dissonance when it came to my personality and self identity and I think it showed a lot through my personal style (or lack thereof). One day I would be teasing my hair, wearing black and chuck taylors while the next day I would be wearing a dress from a head shop and filling my wrists with wooden, leather, and copper bracelets.




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