5 Ways to Date Yourself

Dating yourself, self love, treat yo self, self care– whatever you want to call it everyone should take themselves on a date! I’m a huge believer in dating yourself because being alone helps you get comfortable in your own skin and really figure out what you truly enjoy doing. Solitary activities also allow time for self reflection and clearing your mind. My best advice for taking yourself on a date would be to start small with something you’re comfortable with and then go from there. Below I included five dates to take yourself on.

1. Buy yourself flowers. If you like flowers don’t wait for someone else to buy them for you!

2. Go to a movie you’ve wanted to see. The best part of going to a movie by yourself is you don’t have to share your popcorn or talk during the show!  

3. Take yourself shopping. Mall, thrift store, boutique– it doesn’t matter! The greatest thing about shopping by yourself is you can take as much time as you need trying on different sizes and styles without worrying about someone waiting on you to finish.   

4. Take yourself out to eat. Start small by sitting in a coffee shop with a book then go crazy! I like to go to Cheesecake Factory by myself because there is no wait for one person so I can cut the crowds.  

5. Stay home. Take a nap, make yourself dinner, watch a movie you’ve wanted to see, use a fancy bath product on yourself, drink as many glasses of wine as you want!


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