The Perks of Not being Beyonce

Okay, so I know everyone has seen this quote at least once on Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy, etc. etc. and it’s cute, it really is. However, the more I think about this saying the more depressed I feel. If Beyonce and I have the same amount of hours in a day, how am I not amazingly accomplished at something? After working a nine hour day I don’t look or feel anything like Beyonce and am lucky if I have enough energy to make dinner in my pajamas let alone perform a dance routine in a glamorous outfit. In my opinion, this quote is supposed to help assist you in reprioritizing your time; but it has a really negative side as well. What this saying is hinting at is– you aren’t accomplishing enough, push yourself to do more, why aren’t you as put together as Queen Bey?

We can all agree Beyonce is so perfect she may not be human– but she also has a lot of help getting there each day. I don’t have a personal assistant, a staff in double digits, a driver, or someone to do my hair and makeup– so why am I supposed to compare myself and my time to someone who has an extensive number of resources more than I do?

I guess the point of this post is to encourage everyone to be more gentle with themselves, take your time doing the things you enjoy, and to put less pressure on yourself. Aspiring to be successful is fabulous; but comparing yourself to someone who is insanely famous isn’t healthy. Take your time, start small, and remember the following:



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