I’ve been off the map lately; I’ve taken some time off of blogging, instagram, and snapchat to make more time for myself and figure out if I want to continue posting outfit photos. I had originally started Oh, Chic as a fun side project with hopes of gaining more self confidence and meeting new people. The past few months I had  been totally off– I had isolated myself, felt anxious, and my confidence had plummeted. After deleting social media apps and spending less time on the Internet my confidence began to grow back and I have once again become the person I enjoy being– more carefree, less anxious, and comfortable in my body. I’ve realized just how much I compare myself to people and how hard I am on myself with those comparisons in mind. I’m constantly trying to develop myself and grow as a person but I’m not entirely sure where my blog and social media fit into my life right now. I want to continue to challenge myself but I need to place priority on my wellness first. Going forward, I’m only going to post when I’m feeling excited about sharing and delete any scheduling I’ve tried previously.



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