Oh hey! I am Alexis, a twenty something currently living in upstate New York. I left my midwestern roots and moved to join my artist husband on a great east coast adventure two years ago. Relocating to two states where I only knew one person allowed me to grow as a person and figure out what I really want in life (at least for now).

I’m starting a blog in order to have a creative outlet and hopefully become more outgoing. My job as a retail manager can be exhausting and all consuming- I realized I needed a space where I can post outfit photos and all style items I’m crushing on. I’m also hopeful Oh, Chic! will break me out of my shell because unfortunately I can be very shy and am often uncomfortable in social situations. What better way to break shyness and social anxiety then posting photos of yourself on the internet right?

Oh, Chic! is a personal style blog full of vintage, trendy, classic, and affordable looks– yes I know all of this is a total contradiction. Have you ever heard someone describe themselves as “classy as fuck”? Oh, Chic! is the style version of this.


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